International Down & Feather Testing Lab (IDFL)
1455 S. 1100 E
Salt Lake City, UT
P: (801) 467-7611
F: (801) 467-7711

Products Offered
IDFL (International Down and Feather Testing Laboratory) is a global leader in down and feather and textile product testing. 


Jones Fiber Products, Inc.
PO Box 13212
Memphis, TN 38113
P: 901-948-4469
F: 901-948-4123

Products Offered
FR Barriers
Green/Natural Products


Carl Mayer


Carl Mayer
1929 N. Oxford Avenue
Los Angeles, CA  90027
P: 310-386-7133
F: 323-366-2638


National Cotton Batting Institute
4322 Bloombury Street
Southaven, MS 38672
P: 662-449-0000
F: 662-449-0046

Products Offered
Represent suppliers of virgin and recycled polyester fibers in multiple forms




Products Offered
Trade Associaiton


The National Cotton Batting Institute represents U.S. companies that manufacture and sell batting for use in mattresses, futons, home furnishings, and upholstered products. NCBI provides a range of services to assist its members in expanding markets, monitoring and contributing to legislative and regulatory decisions that affect the industry, and conducting consumer education and information programs. Founded in 1954, the NCBI has invested in research and development leading to safe and cost-effective products that meet or exceed current open-flame and smolder-ignition standards without sacrificing durability, comfort, and environmental sustainability.


Tyler Retail Systems (SmartWerks)
4625 East Bay Drive #201
Clearwater FL 33764
P: 800-237-5913

Products Offered
Point-Of-Sale Systems
Inventory Control Systems
Retail Accounting Systems


Tyler Retail Systems provides a fully integrated Point of Sale (POS), Inventory Control, retail Accounting software package that may be hosted on the retailer's server or on Tyler's ASP servers. Tyler provides comprehensive Training and Support.