Member Spotlight: The Suite Sleep Story Has Been 16 Years in the Making

In 2003, Angela Owen started a little organic mattress and bedding wholesale & distribution business in Boulder, CO called Suite Sleep.

Over the next decade she became a voice for the natural and organic mattress sector through the SSA’s Green Initiative  and educational programs. As an industry pioneer, she has spent the past 16 years shaping this bedding niche and growing her distribution business into a boutique manufacturer of sustainable luxury bedding. Now, with almost 20 years' experience, she is committed to being a change-maker in sustainable mattresses.

The company has grown to include her husband Jim and daughter Kayleigh who manages the cut-and-sew department.


You can find their Suite Dreams mattress in over a dozen hotels in the United States and three more internationally.  The Little Lamb Organics Kids’ line got it start in the SSA showroom in Las Vegas and is featured in boutique bedding stores throughout the country. Designed by a mom just for kids! 


Angela is a proponent of sustainable products who generously shares her story and what she has learned with industry peers.

In her own words: “Suite Sleep specializes in latex mattresses using local wool from Colorado and organic cotton for boutique hotels that share our values of sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment. Hospitality offers a great opportunity make an impact on how we think about sustainable travel. Guests and hoteliers alike are beginning to appreciate businesses that share the values of luxury amenities with minimal environmental impacts. Suite Sleep is at the forefront of this movement in hospitality.

Angela at her local sheep ranch - “

Angela at her local sheep ranch - “


Our pillow collection features our customizable designs that empower the consumer to make it their own. Product innovation is tantamount to our success in the crowded bedding space an we offer customers unique features to give them the best possible sleep. The entire collection includes mattresses, toppers, pillows, and comforters all made in women-owned facilities supporting US manufacturing and sourcing. 

ssuite pillows.jpg

Because our mission at Suite Sleep’s is a fierce commitment to the environment , it drives us to continually evaluate product designs and processes, to bring the best sustainable, natural and organic products to boutique mattress stores and hotels. When one considers the vast amount of bedding and mattresses that end up in the landfills and the chemical off-gassing of these products in our homes, choosing a natural bedding solution is tantamount to good health and the health of our planet.” 

Explore what Suite Sleep has to offer at and


Beaudoin • Succeeding and Growing for 3 Generations

Longtime SSA member Beaudoin is a family owned company based in Quebec, Canada. Now with its 3rd generation at the helm, this leading manufacturer of metal bed frames, upholstered beds, and upholstered platforms is well poised for further success within its product categories.

beaudoin logo.jpg

Starting in 1963 with metal bed frames and bed supports, Beaudoin quickly grew to be a leading supplier to the industry across Canada and the Eastern United-States.

Not only was company founder Julien Beaudoin creative, he was excellent at manufacturing products efficiently. In that era, Daveluyville, QC was a hot bed of solid wood furniture manufacturing. These manufacturers needed suppliers of components and Mr. Beaudoin saw an opportunity.

The Balance bed frame

The Balance bed frame

Diane Beaudoin and Brian Crochetiere

Diane Beaudoin and Brian Crochetiere

20 years later, when his daughter, Mme Diane Beaudoin took the reins, she expanded both the customer base and the product line. The company was servicing the furniture retail industry initially from coast to coast in Canada, then in the Eastern United States.

Her son, Brian Crochetière is now the President of the company. In the last 15 years, building on their strong manufacturing expertise and desire to provide other support options, Beaudoin has expanded into the upholstered headboards, beds and platform categories.

With 4 factories and more than 120 employees, Beaudoin focuses on providing its customers with a variety of products to support their mattresses. With the rise in popularity of the upholstered beds, and more recently platforms beds, they are a great source for everything that goes under a mattress.

Beaudoin’s customers know them best for their great reliability as a supplier, their flexibility as a manufacturer and the value they can offer consumers. With a wide catalogue of products, Beaudoin can help any retailer maximize their offering and profits! You can find out more at

Pascal Roberge

Pascal Roberge

Pascal Roberge, Director of Sales at Beaudoin for more than 10 years, is an active member of the SSA Board of Directors. He tells us, “The Specialty Sleep Association is a fantastic group of suppliers to the industry. The Las Vegas market has been key, but also all year there are many opportunities between markets to work together and with retailers make this association a great resource.”

In-store display of Beaudoin products

In-store display of Beaudoin products

Reflexx Platform

Reflexx Platform

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Danican® = Danish + American

Our spotlight member this month is Thomas Frismodt and his company, Danican. Thomas and his wife Naomi introduced their company to the U.S. Market in the SSA Las Vegas showroom about 5 years ago, and have become anchor exhibitors. Thomas is now the Vice Chairman of the SSA Board of Directors.

Let’s hear their story, in their own words (what they call their rags to redemption story) and how they’ve gone 100% private label.

Hi Res Danican Logo.jpg

Who is the little Danish company that grew its business over 500% in five years?  If you guessed Danican® – you’re right!

Thomas Frismodt and his wife, Naomi, created Danican® (a name that blends their Danish/American heritage) in 2000. They adventurously moved Danican® from its roots in Aarhus, Denmark, to America in 2012. Their goal was to supply the market with affordable luxury in bedding.

 “It hasn’t always been easy”, admits Frismodt recalling that first year in the states, “We lost our biggest account within months of arriving – and with our three kids to feed.”

He persevered and looked for creative ways to expand their client base. They were offering a suite of products from their inventory line, which at that time included mostly mattresses and pillows.

Thomas visited the SSA portion of the Las Vegas show in 2013 and realized this was a great place to showcase his products. He liked the volume of foot traffic he saw and the flow of many companies exhibiting side by side in one showroom. By the next show he was exhibiting there with several other building brands.

“The foot traffic was always great,” he shares, “buyers always make sure to cover ground at the SSA portion of the show.”

Naomi works with a showroom customer at Market

Naomi works with a showroom customer at Market

Little by little, things began to turn around for Danican®. They began providing cooling fabric to a large American mattress manufacturer. Then they were asked to supply a mattress protector program for a 2500+ European based chain. And not long after that, they began providing private label mattresses for multiple clients in the U.S. and Canada. Today their products are in more than 30 countries around the world!

Thomas attributes this success to two things:

1. Factory relations and trust. He has spent much time in Asia building relations and sourcing technologies. Over the years he has broadened his manufacturing relations to Europe and America. He believes trust is a key element when finding the right factories and he’s learned that the hard way. “I want our customers to benefit from my lessons. Our current factories are trustworthy, timely, and deliver quality.” he says.

2. Innovation and problem solving. NOBODY wants bed bugs – and this was a real problem for certain clients. That is how Thomas came upon the idea of creating a detachable “extra” layer on a 6-sided, fabric treated mattress encasement. This alleviated much suffering in the hospitality industry where housekeepers were constantly lifting mattresses to change protectors. Danican’s® encasements/protectors are also a lifesaver in the rent-to-own furniture sector where millions of dollars were previously lost on used furniture they couldn’t resell due to hygiene issues.



Organic Linens

Organic Linens

As a true leader, Thomas joined the SSA board in 2018. As CEO of Danican®, he sees this membership as a way to give back, and to build stronger relationships with leaders of other exhibiting companies. He has a lot of experience to share and looks forward to building an even stronger market for all.

Thomas Frismodt - Danican CEO Photo.jpg

SSA Showroom Hosts 34 Exhibitors - Including 6 New Manufacturers and Dozens of New Product Introductions

…not to mention the fresh warm pretzels for buyers as they shop.

The Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) showroom will be booming during this upcoming winter market according to Executive Director Tambra Jones. “We have 34 exhibitors in our showroom for the January market; 6 of whom are brand new. The changes we’ve made in the showroom have allowed for more companies to display products and services and will add to the depth and diversity of offerings to mattress and bedding retailers.” At the last winter market, Jones points out, the SSA had over 500 individual retail buying groups visit the showroom, and she hopes for the same or more at this winter market.

“We have noticed an increase in online e-tailers and big box stores coming through our showroom along with the traditional sleep shops, furniture stores and department stores,” notes Jones. “We see an increasing diversity in both buyers and manufacturing exhibitors.” 

The six new exhibitors at the winter market include, Comfort Supply Co. by CULP, I Love My Pillow, Signature Sleep, Sleep-Ezz, Sleep in Motion and Ultra Comfort America. These new exhibitors bring to the showroom floor a wide spectrum of new sleep products for retail buyers starting with Comfort Supply Co. by CULP® who will showcase their line up of aggressively priced top-of-bed sleep accessories featuring their eLuxury bamboo mattress pad, which they report is the Number 1 selling mattress pad on Amazon®. I Love My Pillow is featuring their updated and colorful packaging along with prototypes of in-store retail displays and samples of possible new pillow style additions.

LMP pic.png

When it comes to cutting edge mattress technology designed to allow the sleeper to wake-up restored, Signature Sleep brings to the showroom their new Signature Sleep Reset 12-inch Nanobionic® Pillow-Top Hybrid made with Nextgen bio-functional material.


Retailers interested in marketing specialty and leisure beds should stop by Sleep-EZZ to learn more about the ALL-IN-ONE adjustable and Power Lift bed. And speaking of unique adjustable features, Sleep in Motion will be introducing their unique specialty adjustable bed that rocks you gently to sleep. This product could change the way many people sleep for many years to come. Finally rounding out the new SSA exhibitors, Ultra Comfort America will be showing their power recliners which are equipped with their patent-pending Eclipse Technology tilting motion that cradles the body allowing for a rejuvenating night’s sleep.

“Many times,” says Jones, “the products and services we feature in our showroom are being presented for the first time in any market. They are brand new to the industry.  Our SSA showroom has been branded ‘an incubator’ for new innovations and technologies over the years. Educating and informing retailers and consumers is a key part of our SSA mission. We continue to serve as a platform for new and emerging companies in the mattress and bedding industry.” 

Returning SSA Showroom exhibitors cover the full gamut of mattress, bedding and sleep related products as well as motion furniture, ergonomic furniture, bed support and foundations, futon covers, top of bed accessories, natural and organic sleep products, smart-beds or app-driven comfort systems, heating and cooling applications and retail store support systems from software to display solutions.  

Retail buyers looking to carry bio-based, natural and / or organic products should stop in to visit Baltica Natural Products, Bio Sleep Concepts, Coolist Sleep Technology, The Futon Shop , Palm Pring Organic Coconut Mattresses and Sleep and Beyond. Baltica will be showcasing their Arcusbeds line of certified natural and organic handmade beds from Europe. Coolist Sleep Technology with their bio-based Coolist foam and unique nanotechnology will display the Coolist Blue, Coolist Silver and Coolist Pink pillows: all designed to be heat dissipating, breathable and temperature independent.


The Futon Shop will be featuring their 100% Natural Sofas and Loveseats, as well as their mattresses and futons. Customers can choose from natural wool, latex, or coconut fiber – or organic wool, latex and natural coconut fiber with 100% linen and choose from a selection of 100 different fabrics for the cover.


Sleep and Beyond, manufacturer of organic and natural bedding will be introducing their new myDual® Side Pillow, the ultimate 2 in 1, 100% natural, adjustable and washable dual side pillow, which provides extra support and pressure relief for the neck, shoulders and the spine.

Sleep retailers will find adjustable, ergonomic, heat and cooling control, sleep surface adjustable, medically driven, and Smartbed technologies in the SSA Showroom. ERGOLife, founded on the principle that beds should contour to the requirement of an individual’s spine, will be demonstrating their new ERGOLife iBed , which can be adjusted to provide individually targeted and tailored support to the lumbar area , as well as pressure relieving zones for the shoulders and hips. Controlled by a remote or by a newly introduced app, the iBed contours to each unique individual spinal structure by adjustability and targeted zoning.  Orthex of Canada will be featuring their healthcare inspired Posture Cushions and Posture Pillows, designed to help with back, shoulder, neck and leg pain, as well as sciatica, breathing, digestive and blood-flow issues. 



Sleep Research Technologies will demonstrate their “AURIA Climate Controlled Sleep System” delivering cool crisp, clean filtered air so the sleeper no longer experiences heat related discomfort and loss of sleep. The system is designed to give the consumer a perfect night’s sleep. Supernal (Transfer Master Products, Inc.) supporting the “Aging in Place” movement will be presenting their Hi-Low adjustable bed specifically designed with the option to vertically elevate the bed up to 20 inches to assist getting in and out of bed.


W Silver Products will be highlighting their comprehensive line of adjustable bed bases, bed frames and folding foundations which are made in North America and not subject to the current import tariffs.

Focusing on products and services designed to make the retailer’s business life easier, Select-A-Mat mattress showroom display systems returns to the SSA showroom offering unsurpassed display convenience on the mattress store floor.  Another great service, SmartWerks from Tyler Net will be in the room to take you through their point of sales software program designed to help retailers increase sales, optimize inventory and “make better decisions across the board.” 

Private label, OEM and international import programs are growing in popularity. Long time SSA exhibitor Axiom Sleep Products (formerly known as Rest-Medic) has moved its operation from China to Southeast Asia enabling them the capacity to ship 300 containers a month. Axiom is looking to expand their Original Design and Equipment Manufacturing business with memory foam and hybrid mattresses and sleep products.  Danican, an emerging international private label partner will be presenting their retailer and OEM custom, focused private label programs, which offer container load or less than container load shipping options. They will also be introducing new designs of mattresses, pillows, mattress ticking and packaging designs. One of their new designs will be the Duck feather pillow with the option of either a laser cut or a solid memory foam core. Swiss Bliss Mattress Company will be debuting three new models of Swiss Made sleep products as well as introducing a new mattress cover scheme at the winter market.

Top of bed, pillows, toppers, protectors and all kinds of sleep accessories are on display throughout the showroom.  Bedding Technologies will be featuring their new line of pillows, along with protectors, comforters and bedsheets, as well as their RTA mattress foundation, which can be shipped by UPS.  Royal Heritage, a national leader in the bedding, mattress protection and futon cover industry offers their drop ship program and will showcase their 18 color Solid Collection of futon covers.

A full array of furniture, mattresses, massage chairs, foundations, adjustable bases and a variety of accessories will be shown by SSA veteran exhibitors: Arason Enterprises, Dreamzy Mattress, Electropedic/Body Sense, Grand Rapids Bedding, Innerspace Luxury Products, J P Products, NCFI Polyurethanes, Remarkable Pillow / TMI Molded Foam Tech., U.S. Sleep Products, and uKnead Massage Chairs. 

At this market, the SSA will offer retailers the famous and delicious Aunt Annie’s Pretzels in the showroom handing out fresh, warm pretzels to attendees. “We invite all sleep products retailers to C-1565 on the 15th. Floor in Building C to experience what is new and innovative in the sleep industry, to take in the energy of the room and enjoy our hospitality.  It’s a must-see and fun shopping experience for retailers,” says Jones.

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: InnoMax Corporation gives us an idea of their journey into and through their success in the specialty sleep category

Longtime SSA Member InnoMax® Corporation, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, is our Member Spotlight feature this month.  We asked them to send us a company summary, and give us an idea of the steps it took to get them where they are today.  Here is their write-up.

Today one of the largest sleep products manufacturers in the industry, InnoMax was originally founded in 1975 as Rocky Mountain Inflate-A-Bed.  InnoMax began its 43 year journey in a very modest fashion. Knowing there was a better way to sleep than on a set of cold steel springs, founder Tom Lavezzi filled his van with basic vinyl air mattresses and began visiting local bedding retailers to promote the idea of air suspension sleep. Early success offered encouragement, but the “butt-seam” construction on the mattresses proved to be less than ideal for daily use. Necessity is the mother of invention, so to keep the airbed business afloat, waterbed sealing technology was used to repair the air mattresses. This quickly led to adding a complete line of waterbed products to the mix, allowing retailers to join in the specialty sleep boom of the 1970’s. With each new challenge, a product design was improved and more new ideas were brought to life. The company name was changed to InnoMax due to the company’s “Maximum Innovation” mission for product evolution and development.

Waterbeds are ALIVE and well at InnoMax

Waterbeds are ALIVE and well at InnoMax

InnoMax was proud to be a part of the early days of the airbed and waterbed revolution. The company moved to larger facilities and expanded production into all aspects of specialty sleep. With the fervor of the waterbed craze, all types of alternative sleep systems were gaining in popularity, including adjustable airbeds. Soon memory foam and natural latex would join the category and then variations of all types were created.

InnoMax decided long ago to get direct feedback from the consumer to offer real time information to help their dealer network successfully promote these non-traditional products. The retail sales associate in a specialty sleep showroom had to have an immense amount of product knowledge and training to help consumers understand the benefits of specialty sleep products. The specialty mattress and bedding sales floor could not simply be a “pick one and we’ll deliver it Saturday” kind of experience. The products were complex and needed to be explained. In order to assist dealers to be better promoters, InnoMax remodeled some warehouse space and created a testing environment called the Retail Laboratory in Denver, armed with market-tested products, sales presentations and marketing strategies. If the innovative products could be effectively sold in a warehouse district far away from high-end malls, then InnoMax was confident the dealers would find success as well. The term “Hard to Find and Tough to Beat” became a marketing slogan for these products and the great benefits and high values offered to the consumer who searched them out.

The Denver Retail Laboratory

The Denver Retail Laboratory

Effective marketing campaigns were also tested in the Laboratory. For instance, to promote a product with a less-than-favorable set of beliefs surrounding it, a new approach was developed. The company replaced the high energy “Mattress Man” advertising with trustworthy local celebrities whose love of flotation sleep broke down the barriers and myths, and paved the way for a whole new generation of consumers eager to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of sleeping on a waterbed. The company created the name “Mud Bed” to alter the perception many consumers had with the term “waterbed”. Customer after customer would enter the showroom asking to see the famous Mud Bed, not really knowing it was a waterbed. Only after the customer had reclined on the bed to enjoy the relaxing massage and video presentation, would the sleep consultant reveal the true identity of what they were experiencing. The looks of shock and ear-to-ear smiles on the consumer reinforced the viability of this sleep option.

Mark Miller, SSA Chairman and InnoMax CEO

Mark Miller, SSA Chairman and InnoMax CEO

Based upon the premise that air and water can be refined to create some of the most comfortable and exciting products produced to date, InnoMax continues to develop both categories. Mark Miller, InnoMax President/CEO and current Specialty Sleep Association Chairman, continues to focus on product innovation.  One example is the InnoMax Waterbed Day Bed, called the Seaside youth bed, with all six drawers facing one side. This design created a new space saving bed that would fit in smaller rooms yet provide ultimate storage and comfort. They introduced Convert-A-Fit linens that wouldn’t come off until you took them off, solving some customer complaints with early waterbeds. Wooden waterbed frames moved over for the InnoMax Frame Free Sponge Bed. The creation of the Drain Hero Waterbed Maintenance Kit brought long term flotation owner’s the benefit of easy mobility with an electric drain pump and all the accessories needed to move a waterbed without hassle. The Convert-A-Bed modular support system allows each side of the bed to be adjusted to the individual sleepers own comfort level with the choice of Memory Cell, Latex, InnoCoils, Fluid or Air suspension. InnoMax’s latest development is the fully assembled Rolled N’ Ready Freedom Air system that allow dealers to drop ship, directly to the consumer, a fully assembled air bed that is plug-and-go instantly.

Many adjustable bed choices

Many adjustable bed choices

Maximum Innovation is still alive and well at InnoMax. The fast paced heyday of the waterbed may be long gone, but the benefits of specialty sleep are very much alive. In their never ending quest to provide sleepers with the best rest of their life, InnoMax continues to usher in specialty sleep products that offer their dealers a competitive advantage with unique selling propositions, and innovative sleep solutions that allow today’s consumers to enjoy the amazing benefits of specialty sleep for a healthier and happier lifestyle.

 It takes a real passion to love an aardvark, but at InnoMax, the idea of being different just means being better.

This is just one of the fun videos you’ll find on the InnoMax site - click above to watch

This is just one of the fun videos you’ll find on the InnoMax site - click above to watch

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Michael Nermon shares his journey to Ergo Beds

Michael Nermon.jpg

Michael Nermon is a long time member and past board member of the Specialty Sleep Association. He is Owner and President of Ergo Beds, an 18 year old retail store devoted to the “specialty” side of sleep. We are pleased to showcase Michael and his unique store here for you.

In his own words:

Ergo Beds is a “mattress store” only in the same sense that a Bentley is a “car.” It’s not as though the beds and ergonomic furniture at Ergo have astronomical price tags – they don’t – but presenting the ultimate quality in sleep products, with expertise tailored to maximize each customer’s comfort, is our store’s whole reason for being.

I grew up in the bed industry. My family’s business was manufacturing the adjustable power beds used by major mattress companies. At Maxwell Products our mission was “Adjusting The Way The World Sleeps”. During my 20-year career working with bedding manufacturers in three dozen countries, I found that in Europe mattress technologies were well ahead of those in the United States.


I also had back problems and knew what a big difference a better bed could make. My familiarity with industry technologies and processes gave me the skills to customize my own bed.


It led me to the vision for Ergo. When we opened in 2001, nothing like this existed. Mattress stores were like supermarkets and selection was based on firmness, price, and brand name. I wanted to offer specialty sleep products with unique benefits and share my knowledge with every customer. I joined the Specialty Sleep Association and aligned myself with the best resources in the industry. Dale Read’s marketing company helped me develop the Ergo logo. 



Our unique showrooms, with soft music, dim lights, and a warm, relaxing décor have earned several awards. More important, this environment helps our customers comfortably spend an hour or more – a sensible approach to selecting a bed. Instead of the dreaded, rushed ordeal experienced in brightly lit, warehouse-like mattress supermarkets, shopping at Ergo is pleasant and leads to the right decision on an investment that will affect the next 10 to 20 years of your life. All products at Ergo meet the highest performance and durability standards. It behooves customers to take their time choosing, guided by the expertise of our Comfort Consultants.


In addition to being a legacy Tempur-Pedic dealer since 2001, Ergo’s unique product assortment includes the new iSense range of adjustable firmness mattresses; featuring a choice of support systems, Technogel; which incorporates a true gel layer imported from Italy, Ergo’s private label line Silhouette; featuring all-natural materials and customizable design, and our European luxury mattress options.

I’m especially enthusiastic about our Carpe Diem and Jussi beds from Europe. Aside from being esthetically beautiful, their unique design provides a level of support and pressure-point relief that’s impossible to explain. Of all the qualities in sleep products we carry, our Carpe Diem and Jussi beds epitomize the ultimate sleep comfort. The beds can even be custom-ordered with different levels of firmness on either side so couples sleep in maximum comfort.

Ergo is well positioned to accommodate the growing demand for all-natural, chemical-safe sleep products. We’ve offered organic sleep products for many years because their anti-allergenic qualities align with my personal mission to help people get the full, deep, restoring sleep that is so vital to maintaining good health. Ergo features natural and organic sleep products from Naturepedic, Silhouette, Savvy Rest and other top quality producers. 


The internet has drastically changed the dynamics in every industry, and sleep products are no exception. Operating a brick-and-mortar retail business and providing a higher level of service while staying competitive is difficult in this environment. Even exclusive products that can’t be shopped online are a bigger challenge to market to a consumer who is being bombarded by the plethora of information from online companies who profess to be “experts” in a field that they’ve only recently been involved with. These well-financed marketing machines are a real challenge to compete with on the budget of a small brick-and-mortar store operation, especially since the glut of online sellers has driven the cost of internet advertising to unreasonable levels.

Consequently; finding new customers has become a very expensive challenge. It’s been said many times; the best advertising is “word-of mouth” and we are truly grateful for the strong repeat business and referrals that we continue to get from our highly satisfied customer base.


We have experienced a lot in our ever-evolving industry, and Ergo has made the difficult moves in this rapidly changing marketplace. Now; after devoting the past 18 years to the retail space I have decided to focus my energies on the manufacturing/supply side of our industry again. I plan to “retire” from operating my small retail business and I look forward to working with both manufacturers and retailers to share my experience and help them build their businesses. We are in an exciting, innovative industry that holds a lot of opportunity for everyone who can dream about better sleep.

Retailer of the Month - from I LOVE MY PILLOW

My Mattress was opened in 2010 by Travis and Ryan Leonhardt.  They offer a full line of sleep products and accessories at multiple price points, from bed pillows and sheets to high end mattresses. They’ve done well with pillows, but since the addition of “I Love My Pillow”, their pillow business has increased substantially.

My Mattress pic.png

One key point to making their business successful is having plenty of pillows in stock. By displaying the pillows in an attractive, eye catching way, they're able to sell a lot of product to customers. They’ve found when people think others are buying the same product, it’s easier for them to make the same choice. 

Danican Introduces TrueStuff Certified Organic Linens at Las Vegas Market

Danican reports that it is introducing their new TrueStuff line of certified organic sheets and linens to buyers at the Las Vegas market in the SSA Showroom, C-1565. The California based brand is a distinctive marketer of European-inspired, high performance, sleek, modern and stylish mattresses, pillows, sheets, protectors and accessories.

Thomas Frismodt, Danican’s CEO says, “This is the first time we have shown the TrueStuff line in Las Vegas. Our TrueStuff fabrics are designed and developed exclusively by TrueStuff and manufactured in cooperation with our partners around Europe. We offer the Las Vegas marketplace contemporary and attractive organic designs. Many customers who are cautious about their sleep environment still want colors, style and fashion. They get that with TrueStuff along with a quality that is second-to-none. We don’t really see anyone offering that at the Vegas market,” explains Frismodt. He further explains, “We work with selected European spinners, weavers, and finishers, who use only the best combed yarns spun from extra-long staple certified organic cotton. This is the basis of our ability to deliver elegant pure organic bed linen to our valued customers,” says Frismodt. “We will make this high-end organic linen line available to the entire US market through our expanding private label program.” 

The company will also introduce their new “Less Than Container Load (LCL) private label program, which is specifically designed to offer small, medium and larger customers a flexible and price-competitive lower quantity program. “This is a new offering for our customers,” say Frismodt. “We have recently had success in offering clients the opportunity to participate in our private label program with smaller order quantities for encasements, protectors, and sheet sets.” Frismodt explains that when they refer to smaller quantities, the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) wil be much less than a 20 foot container load. Prior to Danican’s test marketing, a full 20-foot container load had been the starting point in order to provide products as private label or at container load pricing.

“We now have the ability to offer these products at lower Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) and ship them at “Less Than Container Load” LCL pricing. Frismodt explains that while the LCL pricing is not as low as the full 20-foot container price, Danican has found that the price per piece through their LCL program is close enough to create an attractive opportunity. “In the past there may have been retail buyers and designers who resisted private label or their own branded protectors, encasements and sheets sets because they had to purchase a 20-foot container minimum to achieve the right price range. Now we have solved this problem; we will work with our clients to fit their needs. This new LCL program is cost effective for our clients allowing for a lower MOQ and a lower inventory commitment.”

Danican makes private labeling easy and profitable for our customers worldwide,” says Frismodt. “Our focus is on our clients’ needs, helping them to stand out by designing, developing, manufacturing, assessing quality and shipping the right product mix at the right prices. We give our customers a real story, a custom-designed blend that meets the needs of customers who are big or small.” Frismodt explains that Danican’s worldwide Private Label Program is flexible and specifically meets the requirements of retailers, distributors and manufacturers.

More about DanicanDanican, which is a contraction of the words “Danish” and “American” is a Danish-based producer and designer of innovative bed products since the year 2000. Danican,, which is known for its unique, innovative technologies and contemporary fashion styles, distributes its highly advanced mattresses, pillows and protectors in more than 30 countries around the world. In 2012, Thomas Frismodt started distribution in North America from the Atascadero, California US headquarters.

Sleep & Beyond To Showcase Three New Products at Summer Las Vegas Market

Sleep & Beyond, a 3rd generation family owned manufacturer of organic and natural bedding since 1992 announced that it wwill be showcasing three new top-of-bed products at the SSA Showroom C-1565, during the Summer 2018 Las Vegas Market.

These products are:

  • The myProtector, a unique 2 in 1 wool filled washable mattress projection to protect against stains, spills, and other accidents.
  • The myComforter Light, a perfect all year round washable wool filled comforter designed to keep the sleeper warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • The myWooly Side Pillow, a curved wool filled and washable adjustable pillow that provides a “comfy” feel for all sleepers.

More about Sleep & BeyondSince 1992, Sleep & Beyond has been helping their customers all around the world to sleep better and healthier through the magic of wool. Their world famous myMerino and myBedding wool filled bedding products are made with care, and they feel and perform like no other.

Sleep & Beyond invites retailers to stop by and visit them in the SSA Showroom, C-1565, Booth 43 at the Summer 2018 Las Vegas market. For more information, visit or call 877-777-WOOL.

SSA Announces 30 different brands and Manufacturers at Las Vegas Market

The Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) recently announced that it will host 30 different brands and manufacturers in Showroom 1565 of Building C at the World Market Center, July 29 – August 2, 2018. SSA Executive Director Tambra Jones confirmed that the SSA has once again sold-out all its exhibit space with 25 returning exhibitors and 5 brand new exhibitors reaching out to retailers at the Las Vegas show as members of the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA.) “We continue to serve as an advocate, a marketing platform for new companies, and support for expanding entrepreneurial companies,” says Jones.

The summer 2018 Las Vegas SSA Showroom will feature a wide range of innovative technologies and designs including adjustable beds, ergonomic bed designs, engineered foams, fibers and polymers, infusion technologies, display and racking systems, knock down foundations and frames, comprehensive private label programs, health and wellness products, point of sale and inventory programs, accessories, as well as a broad array of “natural”, “all natural” and “certified organic” products including mattresses, pillows, sheets, protectors and other top of bed products.

The five new exhibitors include: 

Coolist Sleep Technology of Katy, Texas , who report they are helping the world recharge with a more restorative night's sleep, thanks to their revolutionary technology that provides comfortable, cool and customized pillows. The company will feature three major lines of pillows – BioLite, BioMate, and BioLux: each line with three types of thickness – Classic, Cloud, and Dream – to suit different types of sleepers.

Dreamzy Mattress will exhibit mattresses featuring only the finest European foams and fibers, which they say provide luxury at an affordable cost. The company reports their mattresses feature cooling technology to help customers sleep cooler than other foam mattresses in the market, while helping to increase bloodflow with Bio-Ceramic textile fibers. Better posture during sleep comes from double layer memory foam that adapts to the sleeper’s body. Flippable, Dreamzy allows customers to select firm on one side and plush on the other giving the marketplace a mattress made for every body..

Gotcha Covered “Fine Linens for America” is a USA Manufacturing company providing sewn in the USA bedding products featuring high quality cotton, Tencel, organic, linen and protectors. Private label and drop shipping programs are available. 

Grand Rapids Bedding from Michigan, which has been providing sleeping comfort since 1889 , has now partnered with CuTEC® Fabric and Mountain Top Foam to bring consumers copper-infused fabric and copper-infused latex in a mattress the company calls a “Copper Infused Sleep System.” Copper is used for its health and wellness properties, antimicrobial protection, and restorative effect on skin texture. The CopPure Collection harnesses the power of copper by infusing Coppergel™ into the Continuous Comfort™ Cu29 latex comfort layer of our mattresses, as well as in the top fabric. These copper-infused mattresses transfer heat away, provide good airflow, and offer soothing pressure relief and support for a better night’s sleep.

J P Products, LLC, which is a wood foundation manufacturer with over 50 years of experience, will show four new products. The first two items are heavy duty knock down foundations and bunk frames engineered with quality craftsmanship. The third new product is the ultimate folding metal foundation perfect for all mattress types. Rounding off their new products is the form fitting mattress cover for those customers who need a new look for their old box spring.

In addition to these five new exhibitors, Jones invites retailers to visit 25 returning companies and organizations featuring new, refined or expanded sleep products in the SSA Showroom. Some of these participants submit the following:

Aximon Sleep Products/Rest-Medic will present their new highly ventilated open cell foam which they say is perfect for airflow through the mattress. They also have far-infrared material for mattresses known for providing health and blood circulation benefits. The company also offers a “100% safe for human beings bedbug eliminating” material on their mattresses.

Baltica Natural Products, LLC, which “promotes only the finest quality natural and organic bedding” will present their Arcusbeds a new line of luxury mattresses from Europe, which are robust and largely handmade, of certified natural and organic materials. 

Bio Sleep Concept will feature natural and organic bedding products with private label and drop ship programs available.

Danican will be featuring the company’s expanding private label products and programs for clients whom they serve in over 30 countries worldwide. Danican takes care of the complete process: design, production, quality control, shipping, and all details in between for the private labeling of mattresses and bedding accessories.

Naturepedic invites retailers to come see their collection of organic mattresses and learn more about their products at the Vegas Market. Naturepedic specializes in the design and manufacture of the highest quality organic mattresses; so mattress and bedding customers never have to compromise their well-being for a good night’s sleep. From crib mattresses to “big kid” and adult beds, the company provides everyone in the family their best night’s sleep. 

Remarkable Pillow by TMI will feature their revolutionary pillow line up emphasizing private labeling for more profitability.

Sleep & Beyond, is a third generation family-owned business, whose Organic Merino Wool Toppers were awarded Top Three in US by “Sleep Like the Dead” reviewers, as well as “Top Choice Award 2018” by Baby Maternity Magazine. They make a full array of natural and organic bedding products including wool blankets, wool comforters, and wool mattress pads since 1992, and they will feature three new products. These are the company’s myWoolly Side® Pillow, the myComforter Light® and their myProtector® for mattresses and pillows. 

Smartwerks Point of Sale is excited to introduce 'Easy Sales,' the company’s new web-based point of sale app. Retailers can create sales quotes, pay with third party financing, exchange items on a single ticket, and complete sales faster than ever before. Smartwerks invites retailers to enter the prize giveaway.

Swiss Bliss Mattress Company will be introducing its new container program to help meet the needs of its larger customers. Retailers will see the most technical foam cores available at market. Swiss Bliss Mattress Company is proud to announce its partnership with CIT Finance. They will offer on the spot approval decisions for all new orders received at market.

TFSleep and The Futon Shop will display natural and organic products which they have been manufacturing in California for over 40 years. After searching the market for a bed that did not contain petro-chemicals or flame retardants proved unsuccessful, Suzanne Diamond went into her garage where she made her first mattress for her son in 1976. This led to a simple sign at EREWON health food store in Los Angeles that said, "want a natural bed, no petro chemicals, no fire retardants call Suzie " and The Futon Shop was formed. Every pound of organic wool, organic cotton, organic latex cores, and coconut fiber is accompanied by transactional certificates that can be traced back to the Control Union or the USDA. TFS reports processing every bat of organic wool and organic cotton used in their mattresses and bedding products giving them the ability to control the quality and consistency of all ingredients.

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