Danican Introduces TrueStuff Certified Organic Linens at Las Vegas Market

Danican reports that it is introducing their new TrueStuff line of certified organic sheets and linens to buyers at the Las Vegas market in the SSA Showroom, C-1565. The California based brand is a distinctive marketer of European-inspired, high performance, sleek, modern and stylish mattresses, pillows, sheets, protectors and accessories.

Thomas Frismodt, Danican’s CEO says, “This is the first time we have shown the TrueStuff line in Las Vegas. Our TrueStuff fabrics are designed and developed exclusively by TrueStuff and manufactured in cooperation with our partners around Europe. We offer the Las Vegas marketplace contemporary and attractive organic designs. Many customers who are cautious about their sleep environment still want colors, style and fashion. They get that with TrueStuff along with a quality that is second-to-none. We don’t really see anyone offering that at the Vegas market,” explains Frismodt. He further explains, “We work with selected European spinners, weavers, and finishers, who use only the best combed yarns spun from extra-long staple certified organic cotton. This is the basis of our ability to deliver elegant pure organic bed linen to our valued customers,” says Frismodt. “We will make this high-end organic linen line available to the entire US market through our expanding private label program.” 

The company will also introduce their new “Less Than Container Load (LCL) private label program, which is specifically designed to offer small, medium and larger customers a flexible and price-competitive lower quantity program. “This is a new offering for our customers,” say Frismodt. “We have recently had success in offering clients the opportunity to participate in our private label program with smaller order quantities for encasements, protectors, and sheet sets.” Frismodt explains that when they refer to smaller quantities, the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) wil be much less than a 20 foot container load. Prior to Danican’s test marketing, a full 20-foot container load had been the starting point in order to provide products as private label or at container load pricing.

“We now have the ability to offer these products at lower Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) and ship them at “Less Than Container Load” LCL pricing. Frismodt explains that while the LCL pricing is not as low as the full 20-foot container price, Danican has found that the price per piece through their LCL program is close enough to create an attractive opportunity. “In the past there may have been retail buyers and designers who resisted private label or their own branded protectors, encasements and sheets sets because they had to purchase a 20-foot container minimum to achieve the right price range. Now we have solved this problem; we will work with our clients to fit their needs. This new LCL program is cost effective for our clients allowing for a lower MOQ and a lower inventory commitment.”

Danican makes private labeling easy and profitable for our customers worldwide,” says Frismodt. “Our focus is on our clients’ needs, helping them to stand out by designing, developing, manufacturing, assessing quality and shipping the right product mix at the right prices. We give our customers a real story, a custom-designed blend that meets the needs of customers who are big or small.” Frismodt explains that Danican’s worldwide Private Label Program is flexible and specifically meets the requirements of retailers, distributors and manufacturers.

More about DanicanDanican, which is a contraction of the words “Danish” and “American” is a Danish-based producer and designer of innovative bed products since the year 2000. Danican,, which is known for its unique, innovative technologies and contemporary fashion styles, distributes its highly advanced mattresses, pillows and protectors in more than 30 countries around the world. In 2012, Thomas Frismodt started distribution in North America from the Atascadero, California US headquarters.

Sleep & Beyond To Showcase Three New Products at Summer Las Vegas Market

Sleep & Beyond, a 3rd generation family owned manufacturer of organic and natural bedding since 1992 announced that it wwill be showcasing three new top-of-bed products at the SSA Showroom C-1565, during the Summer 2018 Las Vegas Market.

These products are:

  • The myProtector, a unique 2 in 1 wool filled washable mattress projection to protect against stains, spills, and other accidents.
  • The myComforter Light, a perfect all year round washable wool filled comforter designed to keep the sleeper warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • The myWooly Side Pillow, a curved wool filled and washable adjustable pillow that provides a “comfy” feel for all sleepers.

More about Sleep & BeyondSince 1992, Sleep & Beyond has been helping their customers all around the world to sleep better and healthier through the magic of wool. Their world famous myMerino and myBedding wool filled bedding products are made with care, and they feel and perform like no other.

Sleep & Beyond invites retailers to stop by and visit them in the SSA Showroom, C-1565, Booth 43 at the Summer 2018 Las Vegas market. For more information, visit www.sleepandbeyond.com or call 877-777-WOOL.

SSA Announces 30 different brands and Manufacturers at Las Vegas Market

The Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) recently announced that it will host 30 different brands and manufacturers in Showroom 1565 of Building C at the World Market Center, July 29 – August 2, 2018. SSA Executive Director Tambra Jones confirmed that the SSA has once again sold-out all its exhibit space with 25 returning exhibitors and 5 brand new exhibitors reaching out to retailers at the Las Vegas show as members of the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA.) “We continue to serve as an advocate, a marketing platform for new companies, and support for expanding entrepreneurial companies,” says Jones.

The summer 2018 Las Vegas SSA Showroom will feature a wide range of innovative technologies and designs including adjustable beds, ergonomic bed designs, engineered foams, fibers and polymers, infusion technologies, display and racking systems, knock down foundations and frames, comprehensive private label programs, health and wellness products, point of sale and inventory programs, accessories, as well as a broad array of “natural”, “all natural” and “certified organic” products including mattresses, pillows, sheets, protectors and other top of bed products.

The five new exhibitors include: 

Coolist Sleep Technology of Katy, Texas , who report they are helping the world recharge with a more restorative night's sleep, thanks to their revolutionary technology that provides comfortable, cool and customized pillows. The company will feature three major lines of pillows – BioLite, BioMate, and BioLux: each line with three types of thickness – Classic, Cloud, and Dream – to suit different types of sleepers.

Dreamzy Mattress will exhibit mattresses featuring only the finest European foams and fibers, which they say provide luxury at an affordable cost. The company reports their mattresses feature cooling technology to help customers sleep cooler than other foam mattresses in the market, while helping to increase bloodflow with Bio-Ceramic textile fibers. Better posture during sleep comes from double layer memory foam that adapts to the sleeper’s body. Flippable, Dreamzy allows customers to select firm on one side and plush on the other giving the marketplace a mattress made for every body..

Gotcha Covered “Fine Linens for America” is a USA Manufacturing company providing sewn in the USA bedding products featuring high quality cotton, Tencel, organic, linen and protectors. Private label and drop shipping programs are available. 

Grand Rapids Bedding from Michigan, which has been providing sleeping comfort since 1889 , has now partnered with CuTEC® Fabric and Mountain Top Foam to bring consumers copper-infused fabric and copper-infused latex in a mattress the company calls a “Copper Infused Sleep System.” Copper is used for its health and wellness properties, antimicrobial protection, and restorative effect on skin texture. The CopPure Collection harnesses the power of copper by infusing Coppergel™ into the Continuous Comfort™ Cu29 latex comfort layer of our mattresses, as well as in the top fabric. These copper-infused mattresses transfer heat away, provide good airflow, and offer soothing pressure relief and support for a better night’s sleep.

J P Products, LLC, which is a wood foundation manufacturer with over 50 years of experience, will show four new products. The first two items are heavy duty knock down foundations and bunk frames engineered with quality craftsmanship. The third new product is the ultimate folding metal foundation perfect for all mattress types. Rounding off their new products is the form fitting mattress cover for those customers who need a new look for their old box spring.

In addition to these five new exhibitors, Jones invites retailers to visit 25 returning companies and organizations featuring new, refined or expanded sleep products in the SSA Showroom. Some of these participants submit the following:

Aximon Sleep Products/Rest-Medic will present their new highly ventilated open cell foam which they say is perfect for airflow through the mattress. They also have far-infrared material for mattresses known for providing health and blood circulation benefits. The company also offers a “100% safe for human beings bedbug eliminating” material on their mattresses.

Baltica Natural Products, LLC, which “promotes only the finest quality natural and organic bedding” will present their Arcusbeds a new line of luxury mattresses from Europe, which are robust and largely handmade, of certified natural and organic materials. 

Bio Sleep Concept will feature natural and organic bedding products with private label and drop ship programs available.

Danican will be featuring the company’s expanding private label products and programs for clients whom they serve in over 30 countries worldwide. Danican takes care of the complete process: design, production, quality control, shipping, and all details in between for the private labeling of mattresses and bedding accessories.

Naturepedic invites retailers to come see their collection of organic mattresses and learn more about their products at the Vegas Market. Naturepedic specializes in the design and manufacture of the highest quality organic mattresses; so mattress and bedding customers never have to compromise their well-being for a good night’s sleep. From crib mattresses to “big kid” and adult beds, the company provides everyone in the family their best night’s sleep. 

Remarkable Pillow by TMI will feature their revolutionary pillow line up emphasizing private labeling for more profitability.

Sleep & Beyond, is a third generation family-owned business, whose Organic Merino Wool Toppers were awarded Top Three in US by “Sleep Like the Dead” reviewers, as well as “Top Choice Award 2018” by Baby Maternity Magazine. They make a full array of natural and organic bedding products including wool blankets, wool comforters, and wool mattress pads since 1992, and they will feature three new products. These are the company’s myWoolly Side® Pillow, the myComforter Light® and their myProtector® for mattresses and pillows. 

Smartwerks Point of Sale is excited to introduce 'Easy Sales,' the company’s new web-based point of sale app. Retailers can create sales quotes, pay with third party financing, exchange items on a single ticket, and complete sales faster than ever before. Smartwerks invites retailers to enter the prize giveaway.

Swiss Bliss Mattress Company will be introducing its new container program to help meet the needs of its larger customers. Retailers will see the most technical foam cores available at market. Swiss Bliss Mattress Company is proud to announce its partnership with CIT Finance. They will offer on the spot approval decisions for all new orders received at market.

TFSleep and The Futon Shop will display natural and organic products which they have been manufacturing in California for over 40 years. After searching the market for a bed that did not contain petro-chemicals or flame retardants proved unsuccessful, Suzanne Diamond went into her garage where she made her first mattress for her son in 1976. This led to a simple sign at EREWON health food store in Los Angeles that said, "want a natural bed, no petro chemicals, no fire retardants call Suzie " and The Futon Shop was formed. Every pound of organic wool, organic cotton, organic latex cores, and coconut fiber is accompanied by transactional certificates that can be traced back to the Control Union or the USDA. TFS reports processing every bat of organic wool and organic cotton used in their mattresses and bedding products giving them the ability to control the quality and consistency of all ingredients.

Sleep Retailer ad_July 2018_for print.jpg

PureCare Continues Global Expansion into Southeast Asia Through Partnership with Index Living Mall

Phoenix, AZ, USA– June 21, 2018 –Starting this summer and expanding into the autumn of 2018, Index Living Mall will feature a customized selection of PureCare’s bed linens, mattress protectors and pillows offering customers an array of clinically tested and proven attributes that include cooling, performance, recovery and other benefits made possible by the unique technical textiles developed and marketed only by PureCare. With 28 stores in Thailand, Index Living Mall is that country’s “Number 1 Home Furnishings and Decorative Retail Chain Store.” The retailer also has a “Top of Mind” presence in Southeast Asia with 114 stores in 12 countries, including Malaysia, Vietnam, Russia, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Nepal, Maldives and Singapore. This partnership follows upon PureCare’s past expansions into Canada, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Central America and the Caribbean. According to Jeff Bergman, President and COO of PureCare, the addition of Index Living Mall stores in Southeast Asia is a highly valued, significant addition to PureCare’s global network of dealers. “We could not be happier than to have Index Interfurn Group as our partner. We are both committed to a common vision of excellence in the sleep essentials category,” says Bergman. “By partnering with PureCare, Index Living Mall has embraced what we envision as a growing global movement of health and wellness in the ‘top of bed’ category.  All of these carefully selected, high-quality, and distinctive PureCare bedding products will help to create a healthy sleep environment for discerning Index Living Mall customers.”

“There was an instant attraction between the two companies when we first met,” says PureCare Vice President of Business Development Ralph Rosen. “Both of our companies are committed to offering the very best quality and value to today’s health conscious consumers and allergy sufferers. Our international product and sales team worked closely with their merchandizing team of professionals to come up with a specific selection of products that augmented and enhanced Index Living Mall’s current retail offering. There really is great chemistry between our two companies, and we look forward to growing the program together.”

“Everyone knows just how much a perfect sleep is important to the human body,” said Ms. Pichapim Patamasatayasonthi, VP Product Development, Index Living Mall Thailand.  “This year Index Living Mall aims to become the total “sleep solution center” for our customers. We offer “PureCare” one of the leading innovative brands in the world from the USA now to the Thailand market. PureCare has everything you need to help you have the perfect sleep. It’s comfortable, relaxing and promotes a better sleep. We offer a full range of pillows, pillow protectors, mattress protectors and bedding.”

 Index Living Mall is Thailand’s number one home furnishings and decorative retail chain store.  With over forty years of business experience, Index Living Mall has developed the largest network of home goods retail stores in Thailand, self-owned factories, and an international presence and reputation as a world class exporter. Index Living Mall is committed to creating balanced living for all customers by delivering thoughtful, smart design solutions for the home and for life. For more information, please visit us at: www.indexlivingmall.com

PureCare® designs essential elements necessary to create a healthy sleep environment. PureCare mattress and pillow protectors, sheets and pillows – all of which combine superior technology, innovation and the highest quality materials – are revolutionary to today’s health conscious consumers and allergy sufferers. PureCare continues to change the conversation in the sleep essentials industry to focus on health and wellness. PureCare’s entire collection of mattress and pillow protectors are the official protector products of the National Sleep Foundation and the Women’s Choice Award. For more information, please visit us at  www.PureCare.com

Radium Foam Joins the Specialty Sleep Association

Radium Foam Sales and Marketing Manager Ila Farshad met SSA Executive Directory Tambra Jones at the Furniture Today Bedding Conference earlier this month.  Interested in the added visibility that the SSA could bring to the company, Radium/Vita Talalay has joined the trade association.  Says Jones, "We are thrilled that Ila and Radium/Vita Talalay have joined with us.  We welcome them into our group and look forward to enhancing their visibility in the industry."

vita-talalay--sleep-healthy logo.png

About Radium/Vita Talalay - from Ila Farshad:

Radium Foam is headquartered in Maastricht, The Netherlands, since 1932. In 1961 we bought the so called ‘freeze-foam’ process patent, later named for its inventor Joseph Talalay. Nowadays we still make Talalay just as the inventor intended it. Therefore we are the longest standing, only global Talalay producer of Talalay latex, delivering our comfort material to more than 40 countries worldwide.

Vita Talalay® latex is unrivalled. A luxurious natural bedding material that offers support, comfort and ventilation inside a latex mattress, topper or pillow. Making top quality products without compromise is what we have always done best.

Vita Talalay natural latex mattress.jpg

We wish for everybody to sleep healthy and to be healthy. Healthy living means a more balanced diet, regular exercise and stress avoidance. What we often neglect to remember is that a good night’s sleep is equally - if not more - important. It regenerates your body, but also has an effect on your stress resistance, physical condition and your eating habits. A quality sleep is what's important.

Vita Talalay latex is the best ventilating comfort material in the world, thanks to its unique round, open cell structure. This ensures that moisture and heat are directed away from the body, helping you to sleep healthier and more hygienically. The material is deliciously soft, yet still able to offer optimum support; enhancing comfort. Vita Talalay® provides the most pure, natural and healthy sleep experience as a result.

We look forward to meeting you.


Talalay Global appoints Navarre as CEO

SHELTON, Conn. — Talalay Global has appointed Marc Navarre as CEO.


Navarre is a 30-year veteran of the highly competitive housewares, electronics and consumer products industries. Most recently, he was the CEO of Focus Products Group International.

Navarre replaces Dave Fisher, who will leave the company to pursue other opportunities. Fisher had been CEO since 2010, successfully leading the company through a significant business turn-around.

“Now is the ideal timing for a transition to new leadership," said Lynn Clarke, chairman of the board, Talalay Global, "The business turnaround is completed. … The entire board is confident the new leadership will deliver exceptional customer focus and growth to meet strategic objectives."

Previously, Navarre was president and CEO of Groupe SEB North America.

“I’m pleased to be joining Talalay Global to lead its growth strategy to meet the needs of its customers and partners,” said Navarre.

Currently Navarre is on the board of directors of Canadian-based, Trudeau Corp. He has served on the boards of the James Beard Foundation, Housewares Charity Foundation, International Housewares Assn., Assn. of Home Appliance Manufacturers, Croscill, Glenoit and Focus Products Group. He was also a member of Groupe SEB’s management board.

TALALAY GLOBAL, founded in 1975, is the premier worldwide producer, and the only U.S. producer, of the natural comfort material known by the same name – TALALAY. Pure Talalay Bliss is the company’s direct-to-retail line of luxury mattresses comprised entirely of Talalay material.


April 20, 2018– Suite Sleep is excited to announce we are emerging fully into the hospitality industry! A great night’s sleep is not just something you can attain at home, but all across the globe! We are proud to be working directly with small, boutique hotels both nationally and internationally who want the best sleep experience for their guests. Suite Sleep provides luxury, customizable mattresses to discriminating properties that are made with all-natural latex and organic cotton. We hand select the pieces that go into each mattress to match the uniqueness and character of each hotel and their guests.

We take pride in our core values including service and transparency, which is why we have established a guest purchase program for each hotel. We are transparent about our ingredients and pricing to provide the best customer experience. If you spend time at one of our many hotel partners, you are able to purchase our mattress directly from us at a discounted rate.

“We’ve taken the guess work out of guest purchases.”
-Angela Owen, founder and CEO


Source: https://www.suitesleephospitality.com/

Blu Sleep Adds Roll-Pack Mattresses to Popular ‘Nature Collection’ of Pillows

By Nic Ledoux on 1/29/2018 at Furniture World News

Blu Sleep Products, the specialty mattress and pillow manufacturer, reports that it will unveil a line of mattresses designed to coordinate with its popular Nature Collection of pillows. The five-mattress collection features memory foam, gel and the company’s AirPod technology that adapts to the contours of the body to eliminate pressure points and motion transfer and will be shown at the company’s showroom, B-960, at the Winter Las Vegas Market, Jan. 28 – Feb. 1.

The Nature Collection is Blu Sleep’s first venture into the popular bed-in-a-box category and will allow the company to address the growing e-commerce channel.

The new mattresses will coordinate with four of Blu Sleep’s top-selling pillows – Aqua Gel, Ice Gel, Bio Aloe, and Vitality – to provide a coordinated sleep experience for consumers and to streamline the sales process for retail sales associates.

“The perfect combination of pillow and mattress can definitely enhance the sleep experience, and our Nature Collection mattress coordinate perfectly with our popular pillow line,” said Elizabeth Dell’Accio, vice president of Blu Sleep. “Our retail partners had requested mattresses to match the pillow selection for a simpler sales proposition.”

Available in five different profiles, the Nature Collection is priced to retail from $1,499 to $2,199. The 12-inch profile Vitality and the 13-inch Aqua Gel mattresses offer a plush feel, while the 11-inch Bio Aloe and the 13-inch Ice Gel deliver a firm feel. The 10-inch profile Cool Blu is designed with a medium feel. All of the mattresses are constructed with Blu Sleep’s Italian, water-expanded memory foam or 100 percent foamed gel.

Each of the Nature Collection mattresses can be drop shipped, a feature requested by Blu Sleep retailers. The collection also gives Blu Sleep’s retail partners the opportunity to warehouse the product for consumers interested in cash-and-carry options.

“The introduction of this collection allows us to capture consumers who are buying mattresses online. The growth in e-commerce cannot be ignored, and its key that Blu Sleep adapts to be a part of that distribution channel,” said Alex Ciccolella, president of Blu Sleep. “The mattresses maintain our brand promise and quality while providing easy-to-ship practicality.”