"Best Of The Best" Interzum award for Velda Resleep with Vita Talalay Origins®.

Award for bed that combines circularity with comfort

Koelnmesse and Red Dot Awards handed Radium Foam (part of the Vita Group) and Veldeman Bedding the ‘Best of the best’ Interzum award for Velda Resleep with Vita Talalay Origins®.

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The Velda Resleep sleep system is unique because the bed and mattress can be completely disassembled into individual parts. Being able to disassemble allows separate collection of all mono-materials, which gives the possibility to responsibly recycle or reuse each single one of them. This avoids unnecessary waste and pollution. 

All circular materials used in its design were selected because they combine sustainability and excellent sleep comfort. By opting for Vita Talalay®, the healthy, responsible comfort material inside a latex mattress or latex pillow. All materials in Velda Resleep are processed without using glues and staples. Another advantage of design for disassembly is that the product can be refurbished or repaired, increasing its product lifespan.

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Speaking about this, Vita Group CEO Ian Robb said ‘We are delighted to receive this award and thank the judging committee and Interzum for recognising this innovation. For Vita, the circular economy and sustainability are an increasingly important area for development. We recognize important changes in legislation and want to work with our suppliers and customers to face these challenges. We know we need responsible, safe materials and our innovative teams are creating solutions. At no time do we ever compromise on comfort because comfort is what our customers and consumers have come to expect from Vita. We need to work together, like this project with Veldeman, which shows that joint efforts can make the mattress industry more responsible.’

Valerie Veldeman adds ‘Consumers will buy a bed because of its high comfort. Being able to do this with a dismountable bed is a big plus for the consumer since it can be refurbished or repaired, increasing the longevity of the bed. It is also a big plus for the environment since it has a circular design at its heart’”

Interzum is the world’s leading trade fair for furniture production and interior design. The “interzum” took place from 21 to 24 May 2019 at Koelnmesse, in Cologne, Germany. The exhibitors at this trade fair set new standards and offer visitors from industry, trade and retail an overview of the ground-breaking innovations in the industry – they provide the impetus for the design of tomorrow’s living spaces. Exhibitors at “interzum 2019” were invited to register their products for “interzum award 2019”. The award winners are those who, according to Köln Messe and Red Dot Awards, have demonstrated design expertise with their product innovations.

For more information: www.resleep.netwww.velda.net * www.vitatalalay.com

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