SSA's BEDFAX Program Placed on Hold

After several years of research, the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) is not moving forward with the BEDFAX® Mattress Contents Label Verification Program. SSA Executive Director Tambra Jones explained that while an increasing number of discerning and educated consumers want to know more about the contents and materials in products they purchase, the number of mattress manufacturers who are interested in a contents or consumer disclosure program remains quite low.  “We have had a hand full of dedicated manufacturers who have worked to create and launch this program. They have mostly been companies who market products with claims in the health, wellness and environmental market,” says Jones. “Based on our best efforts and outreach we have found that most of the main stream mattress/bedding manufacturers are not interested in a third-party, impartial contents label program that requires written documentation and verification of the materials and chemicals used in their various models. While in theory transparency is important for consumers, the vast majority of consumers are simply not pressuring mattress companies to tell them what is in the mattress they are purchasing.” At the same time, Jones also pointed out that with those companies who did show an interest in the program, especially in the area of “green” verification or certifications, these companies often already have detailed programs of their own in place.

Jones explained that the SSA is not moving forward with the program, retaining all records and materials on file. “We are no longer actively managing the BEDFAX program. However should the market dynamics change, should consumers begin to demand a third-party contents verification program, we could, with the right momentum, funding and support, re-activate this voluntary industry consumer disclosure label program.”

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