By: Dale T. Read, Partner / Owner of The Marketing Arm Group, LLC

So let’s start with the “Good Measure”: in this case a key good rule or standard for your PR and marketing stories. It’s really simple;  but so often we miss the mark.
The Measure: “It’s what is important to your customer, your prospect or your target audience…NOT what’s important to you!”

A Baker’s DozenThirteen Ideas or Suggestions for Your PR  and Marketing Messaging

!-        Think beyond NEW PRODUCT press releases.  While these are the most obvious and most powerful stories for trade shows and exhibits,  there are so many more opportunities to think about if you want to have an on-going story.
2-       A whole new innovation, technology or approach to address the needs of your existing markets…..bringing about a new promise, or a fundamental change in the marketplace

Research and development. New science. New findings. New approaches
3-       Innovations geared to a whole new and different market –addressing new prospective customers and opportunities.
4-       Add-ons, enhancements or supplements that add value and performance to your products for your customers.
5-       New delivery, set-up and recycling policies that enhance the post purchase experience for your customers.
6-       New personnel. Not how it will enhance or help your company, but how this expanded team will better serve your customers.
7-       New programs, events, meetings or policies designed to reach out to your team of strategic partners including suppliers, team members, employees, contractors, financial resources and stockholders, etc.
8-       New, expanded and improved factories, facilities, warehouses….and how these help you better serve your customers’ needs, wants and desires
9-       New logos, marketing themes, signage, exhibits, or retail displays…..Also, new packaging, materials handling and customer interface in stores or direct to consumer..
10-     Trade show or expo themes and special events to reach your target customers
11-     New website (SEO), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google (social media)  E-blasts, direct marketing or target marketing initiatives.
12-     Announcements about charities, community service and giving back.
13      And FINALLY, pricing policy changes.. But this does not mean perpetual low ball sales. Marketing based on ongoing sales is not pricing policy at all. There really should be a strategic season, reason or intended purpose for a pricing policy to have a positive impact.


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