Sleep Industry Opportunity to Help Disaster Victims

Hurricane Harvey Project needs Corporate Donations

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Relief Bed International, an SSA Member Company founded in 2015 with a goal to provide better sleep to victims of natural disasters and to humans challenged by homelessness, has a way we can donate to the Hurricane Harvey victims. We can trust our donation will really get to the people in need!
Harvey Matching Project
Through a generous donation from Bekaertdeslee Solutions ( Relief Bed is able to match up to 500 beds to their relief partners in the impact zone. "This partnership will address an immediate need in the area for sleeping surfaces" say founder Scott Smalling.  Relief Bed International is currently working with Food For The Hungry ( who are assisting Orphan Care Solutions who are on the ground in Texas.  OCS is working hard with foster homes and group homes for the purpose of keeping siblings together. Smalling says, "Currently there is a significant risk of the state separating siblings based on the flooding damages to group homes and host homes."

To Donate go to or mail checks to PO Box 503 Tacoma, WA 98401. 

Thank You! Please contact Scott Smalling for more information about a corporate donation towards their Hurricane Harvey Project or to learn more about their overall Giving Program (to date they have donated and distributed over 7,000 beds through international relief agencies around the globe and to homeless shelters in the United States). 

Giving Program
Part of the vision for Relief Bed International was to create a turn-key vehicle to help suppliers, manufacturers and retailers in the sleep sector create a Giving component to their companies which not only motivates their customers to purchase it also creates long term brand loyalty.  Another reason to partner with Relief Bed International is that they work with you directly in your market unless you are choosing to fund a specific event like a natural disaster here or abroad.   Hence, when you fund beds through their giving program they help you find the perfect partner in your selling region so you can keep your donations local.  This is not only successful for your local brand, but also a great opportunity for your team to get out into the community they serve. 

Thank You - our industry has a big heart - together we can make a difference!