SSA Vice Chair and Sec/Treas are re-elected - Angela Owen of Suite Sleep and Roger Coffey of Latexco West Are Re-elected Vice Chairman and Treasurer of the Specialty Sleep Association

Friant CA – September 8, 2015 – Following the election of the chairman and a new board member, the Specialty Sleep Association has re-elected Angela Owen, Owner and “Sleep Diva” of Suite Sleep, Boulder, Co to serve as Vice Chairman. The SSA Board also re-elected Roger Coffey, President of Latexco West / Sleep Comp West of Sante Fe Springs, CA to serve as Secretary/ Treasurer of the non-profit industry association.

Owen who has been an activist and community leader in natural, healthy, safer and sustainable products for the home and family, created Suite Sleep in 2003 and has been one of the chief pioneering voices in the sustainable bedding industry for the past 12 years. She also has served as a leader of the steering committee developing the BEDFAX transparency and consumer labeling program for the SSA. 

Coffey has played an active role in the development of specialty sleep products both fabricating and marketing polyurethane and latex foams.   He founded Sleep Comp West to fabricate and market latex mattress cores and toppers; and later, became President of Latexco West when Latexco-NV, the largest latex manufacturer in the world purchased Coffey’s company in 2006.


SSA President Dale Read stated that Owen and Coffey serving as officers of the SSA Board will help the SSA fulfill its dual vision and mission to not only embrace “consumer transparency” with mattresses and bedding through the SSA’s BEDFAX® program, but also to vocally promote the unique and distinct advantages offered by specialty sleep products including air beds, flotation beds, memory foam beds, latex rubber beds, polymer gel beds, adjustable beds, natural “bio-based” and “organic” beds “SMART BEDS” and futons.