SSA Showroom - Summer 2017          Las Vegas Market

The Summer Las Vegas Market took place July 30 - August 3.  The SSA Showroom is a unique co-op feeling room which presents a wide array of Sleep Products to buyers.  This summer the room was once again sold-out - with 25 returning exhibitors and 5 brand new exhibitors reaching out to retailers at the Las Vegas show as members of the Specialty Sleep Association (See Exhibitor List link on this page) “We continue to serve as an advocate, a marketing platform for new companies, and support for expanding entrepreneurial companies,” says SSA Executive Director Tambra Jones.

Exhibitors were pleased overall with the Summer show - here are some of the exhibitor comments: 

“Our experience at Summer Market was terrific once again. The variety of retail solutions within the SSA showroom draws traffic that may never see our brand and product portfolio otherwise,” remarked Chris Robinson, National Sales Manager for Naturepedic Organic.


Summer 2017

Brice Hata, National Sales Manager for TMI Products and their REMarkable Pillow Line, had this to say about this Summer in the SSA Showroom, "2017 Summer Vegas Market was our best show ever!  Quality leads and sales exceeded 2016 Summer Market by over 25%.  Although the foot traffic may have seemed to be slow, the quality was high.  Looking forward to Winter Market."

John at RoyRack said, "As always you have outdone yourself again, thank you for your hard work.   The market flew by, we were pleased with the amount of traffic we received." 

Tran Cong Qui at Kymdan responded about his experience at Summer Market, "Here are my two cents. As you know, the past Market was our first market and it was a great way to us to meet a lot of potential clients and partners. The SSA showroom definitely helped us meet a lot of people we otherwise would not have met if we were a stand-alone showroom."

Also new to the showroom this market, Stillman John of iAdjust/Vintage Furniture/said, "The SSA room offered such a wide range of Buyers and at times had an electric energy about it. We enjoyed our spot and look forward to next year!" 

 Suzanne Diamond of The Futon Shop said, "it was just a very slow show, but we made several important connections and felt we had a great show."

Butch Craig, National Sales Manager for Sleep and Beyond, said "Vegas 2017 Summer Market was the 12th showing for Sleep & Beyond.  Results were the best Summer Market ever.  As the old saying says, 80% of success is showing up, then 20% is following up.  Thanks to SSA support in making Sleep & Beyond Top 3 Best Bedding Brands.  Count on Sleep & Beyond showing up for the 2018 Winter Vegas Market."

The SSA has participated at the World Market Center since the opening of the Las Vegas Market in July 2005, beginning in the temporary pavilions, and then in 2011 moving into a permanent showroom. The SSA signed a permanent showroom lease, so that it’s member exhibitors can experience the convenience of a permanent showroom without a burdensome long-term commitment.  

Call Tambra Jones at the SSA office with your questions 559-868-4187 or contact us using our Inquiry Form.