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The Association for Manufacturers, Retailers & Suppliers of Specialty Sleep


The Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) is a non-profit advocacy and education association of retailers, manufacturers and suppliers who develop, manufacture, market and sell innovative, new-technology mattress and bedding products including:

  • visco-elastic memory foam beds

  • latex rubber beds

  • airbeds

  • flotation beds

  • gel beds

  • adjustable beds

  • futons and convertible beds

  • all-natural and organic beds made from soy, wool, 100% cotton

  • bed frames

Top-of-bed products including:

  • pillows

  • sheets

  • comforters

  • duvets

  • body pillows

  • fabric guards, etc.

Founded in 1995 as the successor organization for the waterbed industry, the SSA today advocates and promotes the full spectrum of new technology bedding using both synthetic and sustainable solutions. The SSA represents the fastest growing category of all bedding.


Specialty Sleep Association Board of Directors

Todd Youngblood


(Chili Technology)

Dale T. Read


(Marketing Arm Group)

Angela Owen

Vice Chairman

(Suite Sleep)

Roger Coffey 

Secretary & Treasurer


Tambra Jones

Executive Director

Mark Miller



Rick Robinson


(Spring Air International)

Karrie Knopf


(Innovative Mattress Solutions)

Michael Nermon


(Ergo Customized Comfort)

Barry Cik


(Naturepedic Organic)

Michael Echevarria  


(Optional Products)


Our showroom in LAS VEGAS in Building C1565 is a co-op venue for manufacturers and distributors introducing product to retail bedding stores/departments. Our showroom is always one of the busiest in Las Vegas during the Furniture Market. Our upgraded and expanded website includes a nationwide mattress store search feature. We have a national high visibility public relations program launched which is geared towards promoting Specialty Sleep Products and our members, as well as recruiting new retailer and manufacturing/supplier members.

Our newest project is the SSA’s Environmental and Safety Program. This program is created for truth in marketing for products which are marketed with environment-friendly claims. The SSA’s Environmental Program is a consumer education program designed to allow the retail stores to easily show the consumer what is inside the mattress, and what exactly therein is environmentally friendly and safety enhancing.


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