Talalay Global appoints Navarre as CEO

SHELTON, Conn. — Talalay Global has appointed Marc Navarre as CEO.


Navarre is a 30-year veteran of the highly competitive housewares, electronics and consumer products industries. Most recently, he was the CEO of Focus Products Group International.

Navarre replaces Dave Fisher, who will leave the company to pursue other opportunities. Fisher had been CEO since 2010, successfully leading the company through a significant business turn-around.

“Now is the ideal timing for a transition to new leadership," said Lynn Clarke, chairman of the board, Talalay Global, "The business turnaround is completed. … The entire board is confident the new leadership will deliver exceptional customer focus and growth to meet strategic objectives."

Previously, Navarre was president and CEO of Groupe SEB North America.

“I’m pleased to be joining Talalay Global to lead its growth strategy to meet the needs of its customers and partners,” said Navarre.

Currently Navarre is on the board of directors of Canadian-based, Trudeau Corp. He has served on the boards of the James Beard Foundation, Housewares Charity Foundation, International Housewares Assn., Assn. of Home Appliance Manufacturers, Croscill, Glenoit and Focus Products Group. He was also a member of Groupe SEB’s management board.

TALALAY GLOBAL, founded in 1975, is the premier worldwide producer, and the only U.S. producer, of the natural comfort material known by the same name – TALALAY. Pure Talalay Bliss is the company’s direct-to-retail line of luxury mattresses comprised entirely of Talalay material.


By: Dale T. Read, Partner / Owner of The Marketing Arm Group, LLC

So let’s start with the “Good Measure”: in this case a key good rule or standard for your PR and marketing stories. It’s really simple;  but so often we miss the mark.
The Measure: “It’s what is important to your customer, your prospect or your target audience…NOT what’s important to you!”

A Baker’s DozenThirteen Ideas or Suggestions for Your PR  and Marketing Messaging

!-        Think beyond NEW PRODUCT press releases.  While these are the most obvious and most powerful stories for trade shows and exhibits,  there are so many more opportunities to think about if you want to have an on-going story.
2-       A whole new innovation, technology or approach to address the needs of your existing markets…..bringing about a new promise, or a fundamental change in the marketplace

Research and development. New science. New findings. New approaches
3-       Innovations geared to a whole new and different market –addressing new prospective customers and opportunities.
4-       Add-ons, enhancements or supplements that add value and performance to your products for your customers.
5-       New delivery, set-up and recycling policies that enhance the post purchase experience for your customers.
6-       New personnel. Not how it will enhance or help your company, but how this expanded team will better serve your customers.
7-       New programs, events, meetings or policies designed to reach out to your team of strategic partners including suppliers, team members, employees, contractors, financial resources and stockholders, etc.
8-       New, expanded and improved factories, facilities, warehouses….and how these help you better serve your customers’ needs, wants and desires
9-       New logos, marketing themes, signage, exhibits, or retail displays…..Also, new packaging, materials handling and customer interface in stores or direct to consumer..
10-     Trade show or expo themes and special events to reach your target customers
11-     New website (SEO), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google (social media)  E-blasts, direct marketing or target marketing initiatives.
12-     Announcements about charities, community service and giving back.
13      And FINALLY, pricing policy changes.. But this does not mean perpetual low ball sales. Marketing based on ongoing sales is not pricing policy at all. There really should be a strategic season, reason or intended purpose for a pricing policy to have a positive impact.


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April 20, 2018– Suite Sleep is excited to announce we are emerging fully into the hospitality industry! A great night’s sleep is not just something you can attain at home, but all across the globe! We are proud to be working directly with small, boutique hotels both nationally and internationally who want the best sleep experience for their guests. Suite Sleep provides luxury, customizable mattresses to discriminating properties that are made with all-natural latex and organic cotton. We hand select the pieces that go into each mattress to match the uniqueness and character of each hotel and their guests.

We take pride in our core values including service and transparency, which is why we have established a guest purchase program for each hotel. We are transparent about our ingredients and pricing to provide the best customer experience. If you spend time at one of our many hotel partners, you are able to purchase our mattress directly from us at a discounted rate.

“We’ve taken the guess work out of guest purchases.”
-Angela Owen, founder and CEO


Source: https://www.suitesleephospitality.com/

Las Vegas Market -- Company and Product News Coverage Takes Planning and Action!!

Hello SSA Members and Las Vegas Exhibitors!!

 As President of the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) and a public relations professional, two of the most frequent questions I am asked by SSA members and show exhibitors at the Las Vegas show are:
  1.  Why does one company versus another company get so much PR coverage from editors of  Furniture Today, Sleep Retailer, Sleep Savvy Furniture World ,etc.
  2.  What help can I get as an exhibitor in the SSA show space  C-1565?

I had this very discussion at the last market with a leading magazine editor, who said many mattress/ bedding companies expect coverage of their story without making any real effort to write a press release or do the work necessary to inform the magazine editors.
PR does not just happen automatically. 

So What Will Be Your Story at Las Vegas? Each of us has a story to tell our customers, our prospects and our strategic partners. 

It is Due in Early to Mid-June 2018.  And once you have that story developed, it is due to the key editors between June 1st and June 21st.

It’s not too early to plan your marketing message for Las Vegas.  If we at Specialty Sleep Association (SSA)  can help you with that strategic marketing / PR message in our SSA Show Round-up story, on our website, or on the SSA Facebook page, please reach out to Tambra Jones in April or May.

Do the work, keep us informed and we’ll be glad to help you get your story out!

Warmest regards,

Dale T.Read

From the FTC: Selling 'American-Made' Products? What You Need to Know About Making "Made in USA" Claims

With the "trade embargo" pendulum swinging back and forth, we at the SSA think this information might be important to you. 

According to the Federal Trade Commission, "Made in USA" means that "all or virtually all" the product has been made in America. That is, all significant parts, processing and labor that go into the product must be of U.S. origin. Products should not contain any — or only negligible — foreign content. The FTC's Enforcement Policy Statement and its business guide, Complying with the Made in USA Standard, spell out the details of the standard, with examples of situations when domestic origin claims would be accurate and when they would be inappropriate. See ftc.gov/os/statutes/usajump.htm for more information.


Here's how the FTC evaluates "Made in USA" claims in product advertising, labeling and packaging:

For most products: Unless the product is an automobile or a textile or wool product, there's no law that requires manufacturers and marketers to make a "Made in USA" claim. If a business chooses to make the claim, however, the FTC's "Made in USA" "all or virtually all" standard applies.

For textile and wool products: Under the Textile and Wool Acts, these products must be labeled to identify the country where they were processed or manufactured.

  • Imported products must identify the country where they were processed or manufactured.
  • Products made entirely in the U.S. of materials also made in the U.S. must be labeled "Made in USA" or with an equivalent phrase.
  • Products made in the U.S. of imported materials must be labeled to show the processing or manufacturing that takes place in the U.S., as well as the imported component.
  • Products manufactured in part in the U.S. and in part abroad must identify both aspects.

In addition, print and online catalogs must disclose whether a textile was made in USA, imported or both.

For more information about country of origin labeling requirements for textile, wool and fur products, see "Threading Your Way Through the Labeling Requirements Under the Textile and Wool Acts."

Suspect a violation? If you believe that a product promoted as "Made in USA" is not America-made or contains significant foreign parts or processing, file a complaint with the FTC. If you are aware of import or export fraud, call the U.S. Customs Service Commercial Fraud Hotline, 1-800-ITS-FAKE.

Blu Sleep Adds Roll-Pack Mattresses to Popular ‘Nature Collection’ of Pillows

By Nic Ledoux on 1/29/2018 at Furniture World News

Blu Sleep Products, the specialty mattress and pillow manufacturer, reports that it will unveil a line of mattresses designed to coordinate with its popular Nature Collection of pillows. The five-mattress collection features memory foam, gel and the company’s AirPod technology that adapts to the contours of the body to eliminate pressure points and motion transfer and will be shown at the company’s showroom, B-960, at the Winter Las Vegas Market, Jan. 28 – Feb. 1.

The Nature Collection is Blu Sleep’s first venture into the popular bed-in-a-box category and will allow the company to address the growing e-commerce channel.

The new mattresses will coordinate with four of Blu Sleep’s top-selling pillows – Aqua Gel, Ice Gel, Bio Aloe, and Vitality – to provide a coordinated sleep experience for consumers and to streamline the sales process for retail sales associates.

“The perfect combination of pillow and mattress can definitely enhance the sleep experience, and our Nature Collection mattress coordinate perfectly with our popular pillow line,” said Elizabeth Dell’Accio, vice president of Blu Sleep. “Our retail partners had requested mattresses to match the pillow selection for a simpler sales proposition.”

Available in five different profiles, the Nature Collection is priced to retail from $1,499 to $2,199. The 12-inch profile Vitality and the 13-inch Aqua Gel mattresses offer a plush feel, while the 11-inch Bio Aloe and the 13-inch Ice Gel deliver a firm feel. The 10-inch profile Cool Blu is designed with a medium feel. All of the mattresses are constructed with Blu Sleep’s Italian, water-expanded memory foam or 100 percent foamed gel.

Each of the Nature Collection mattresses can be drop shipped, a feature requested by Blu Sleep retailers. The collection also gives Blu Sleep’s retail partners the opportunity to warehouse the product for consumers interested in cash-and-carry options.

“The introduction of this collection allows us to capture consumers who are buying mattresses online. The growth in e-commerce cannot be ignored, and its key that Blu Sleep adapts to be a part of that distribution channel,” said Alex Ciccolella, president of Blu Sleep. “The mattresses maintain our brand promise and quality while providing easy-to-ship practicality.”

Blu Sleep Expands Sleep Accessories Line with Scent-Infused Pillows, Mattress & Protection Products

By Nic Ledoux on 1/28/2018 Furniture World News

The Essential Collection of four pillows feature a carefully selected collection of essential oils to deliver soothing aromas during sleep.

Blu Sleep Products, the leading specialty mattress and pillow manufacturer, is expanding its sleep accessories line with a collection of pillows infused with essential oils and a selection of mattress and pillow protectors designed with high-tech fibers that help regulate temperature and moisture control. The selection of sleep accessories will be introduced during the Winter Las Vegas Market set for Jan. 28 – Feb. 1.

The Essential Collection of four pillows, designed in Italian water-expanded memory foam for extra softness, feature a carefully selected collection of essential oils to deliver soothing aromas during sleep and are dressed in bamboo covers. The pillows – Calm, Soothe, Elevate and Restore – are infused with either chamomile, lavender, citrus or eucalyptus oils. Each pillow offers medium comfort, a medium profile and are priced to retail at $79.99.

The two designs of pillow and mattress protectors – Silver and Arctic – are made with fabrics that feature cooling and antimicrobial properties. Silver is treated with Silver Tech, which is anti-odor, antimicrobial and dust mite resistant. Arctic features a fabric with cooling technology that also wicks away moisture and is water resistant.

“Our extended line of sleep accessories will give retailers the opportunity to tap into those all-important add-on sales when consumers purchase a new mattress or pillow,” said Elizabeth Dell’Accio, vice president of Blu Sleep. “Consumers are weary of visiting multiple stores to outfit a new bedroom. These additions to the Blu Sleep line help retailers offer one-stop shopping convenience.”

The Essential Collection and the new line of pillow and mattress protectors will be featured in Blu Sleep’s Las Vegas Market showroom located at B-960 during the market.

More about Blu Sleep: Since introducing its first pillow more than a decade ago, Blu Sleep Products, a specialty sleep manufacturer with U.S. headquarters in Pompano Beach, Fla., has built a collection of 20 different pillows, including essential oil infused foam, washable memory foam, water expanded memory foam and foamed gel. Blu Sleep’s European engineered Italian foam pillows and mattresses are made with distinctly unique materials and essential oils offer exciting colors, optimum air-flow and comfort levels, high densities, and quick responsiveness. With these advanced qualities, Blu Sleep is providing retailers affordable, yet superior, quality products with excellent profit margins. Over the past decade, Blu Sleep has built a reputation of marketing unique lines such as the Nature Collection, Wellness Collection and Foamed Gel. For more information, visit www.blusleepproducts.com.

From HFBNow! - New Digital Platform to Launch for Las Vegas Market

Brought to you by Home Furnishings Business
After two years of research, customer surveys and data analysis, International Market Centers announced it will launch a new digital platform for Las Vegas Market.

The new platform will address key customer pain points uncovered through its engagement with Sapient/Razorfish, a digital consultancy. The new platform includes a redesigned, mobile-responsive website, integrated mobile app and enhanced exhibitor portal.

“After extensive analysis of data and customer web behavior, it became clear that buyers want a more granular search experience that goes beyond directory information,” said Dorothy Belshaw, president of gift leasing and chief marketing officer. “Subsequently, we’re introducing an industry-first, best-in-class set of tools for searching, viewing, sorting, and filtering exhibitor and product data and images to facilitate the discovery of new resources before, during, and after our markets—driving more business and customer acquisition opportunities for our tenants and exhibitors.”

For exhibitors, the new exhibitor portal features a customized Product Information Management (PIM) system allowing exhibitors the ability to easily upload product data and images to increase visibility when buyers are searching the exhibitor directory.

The portal also includes an integrated lead tracking tool to manage buyer inquiries generated through the site and app, a helpdesk for high-touch customer service, integrated tools to manage and publish show specials, and access to real-time information about marketing and visibility opportunities.

For buyers, the new exhibitor directory, available across web and mobile app, will feature a robust, visual discovery process that allows buyers to search and save both exhibitors and products; and contact exhibitors directly with inquiries or to schedule appointments at market.

By creating a personalized Market Planner, buyers can access their saved plans via desktop or mobile at any time, access registration Scan & Go information, and locate services and amenities within the buildings.

“We know that buyers have limited time to get everything done at Market, and this new site will allow them to see more, do more, and be more efficient before, during and after market,” Belshaw said. “Ultimately, this new platform significantly enriches the market experience and extends the business opportunity for our customers beyond the scope of our physical markets.”

The site is set to launch in April 2018 in preparation for the Summer 2018 Market, and further enhancements will roll-out after initial launch to continue to create efficiencies and future opportunities for Las Vegas Market buyers and exhibitors.

Source: http://hfbusiness.com/hfbnow/ArticleId/171...