PureCare Continues Global Expansion into Southeast Asia Through Partnership with Index Living Mall

Phoenix, AZ, USA– June 21, 2018 –Starting this summer and expanding into the autumn of 2018, Index Living Mall will feature a customized selection of PureCare’s bed linens, mattress protectors and pillows offering customers an array of clinically tested and proven attributes that include cooling, performance, recovery and other benefits made possible by the unique technical textiles developed and marketed only by PureCare. With 28 stores in Thailand, Index Living Mall is that country’s “Number 1 Home Furnishings and Decorative Retail Chain Store.” The retailer also has a “Top of Mind” presence in Southeast Asia with 114 stores in 12 countries, including Malaysia, Vietnam, Russia, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Nepal, Maldives and Singapore. This partnership follows upon PureCare’s past expansions into Canada, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Central America and the Caribbean. According to Jeff Bergman, President and COO of PureCare, the addition of Index Living Mall stores in Southeast Asia is a highly valued, significant addition to PureCare’s global network of dealers. “We could not be happier than to have Index Interfurn Group as our partner. We are both committed to a common vision of excellence in the sleep essentials category,” says Bergman. “By partnering with PureCare, Index Living Mall has embraced what we envision as a growing global movement of health and wellness in the ‘top of bed’ category.  All of these carefully selected, high-quality, and distinctive PureCare bedding products will help to create a healthy sleep environment for discerning Index Living Mall customers.”

“There was an instant attraction between the two companies when we first met,” says PureCare Vice President of Business Development Ralph Rosen. “Both of our companies are committed to offering the very best quality and value to today’s health conscious consumers and allergy sufferers. Our international product and sales team worked closely with their merchandizing team of professionals to come up with a specific selection of products that augmented and enhanced Index Living Mall’s current retail offering. There really is great chemistry between our two companies, and we look forward to growing the program together.”

“Everyone knows just how much a perfect sleep is important to the human body,” said Ms. Pichapim Patamasatayasonthi, VP Product Development, Index Living Mall Thailand.  “This year Index Living Mall aims to become the total “sleep solution center” for our customers. We offer “PureCare” one of the leading innovative brands in the world from the USA now to the Thailand market. PureCare has everything you need to help you have the perfect sleep. It’s comfortable, relaxing and promotes a better sleep. We offer a full range of pillows, pillow protectors, mattress protectors and bedding.”

 Index Living Mall is Thailand’s number one home furnishings and decorative retail chain store.  With over forty years of business experience, Index Living Mall has developed the largest network of home goods retail stores in Thailand, self-owned factories, and an international presence and reputation as a world class exporter. Index Living Mall is committed to creating balanced living for all customers by delivering thoughtful, smart design solutions for the home and for life. For more information, please visit us at: www.indexlivingmall.com

PureCare® designs essential elements necessary to create a healthy sleep environment. PureCare mattress and pillow protectors, sheets and pillows – all of which combine superior technology, innovation and the highest quality materials – are revolutionary to today’s health conscious consumers and allergy sufferers. PureCare continues to change the conversation in the sleep essentials industry to focus on health and wellness. PureCare’s entire collection of mattress and pillow protectors are the official protector products of the National Sleep Foundation and the Women’s Choice Award. For more information, please visit us at  www.PureCare.com


How to Make your Business Cards, Literature, Displays and Print Ads Come Alive!!

Carla Green of CLARITY Designworks to Speak at SSA Market Seminar:  Las Vegas Market, Tuesday, July 31st. 10-11 AM in Room C-174

Friant, CA- June 1, 2018 – This Summer Market in Las Vegas the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) will continue their offering of educational seminars for members as well as the bedding industry at large.   On Market Tuesday (July 31, 2018) California-based graphic designer Carla Green, of Clarity Designworks, will present a timely and cutting edge topic for mattress and bedding retailers, manufacturers and suppliers entitled “Augmented Reality for the Rest of Us”.  

In this presentation, Ms. Green will highlight the capabilities of Augmented Reality (AR) and share examples of it currently in use, from custom applications by major corporations to an exciting new marketing tool called REVEALiO that makes AR an affordable and viable option "for the rest of us." 

In basic terms, AR is the overlaying of virtual content such as images or video on top of reality, whether it is the world around us as with Pokémon Go or a handheld business card or literature. REVEALiO works via a mobile app on your smart phone to make any 2-D or static, flat printed material come alive with a personal video message.

Before REVEALiO, adding AR to the marketing mix meant a big investment in time and money. Now, this ingenious tool levels the playing field to make AR realistic for businesses that want to tap into the incredible power of AR without breaking the bank in the process. Ms. Green will explain how REVEALiO is more than just cool tech because the interface leads to immediate engagement with customized call-to-action buttons.

The presentation will demonstrate how this unique mechanism captivates the viewer and provides a whole new way to build customer relationships and will also cover the steps involved in creating a REVEALiO, none of which require sophisticated tech tools or knowledge. 

Discussing AR for the average mattress/bedding retailer Ms. Green explains, “While many people have heard of Augmented Reality (AR), not so many really understand what it is. The Pokémon Go craze in 2016 gave AR mass-market attention, yet today, business owners remain largely unaware of how to leverage the power of AR to benefit their bottom line or believe they cannot afford to implement it.”

Green enthusiastically states, “We are in the early-adopter stage of using AR for marketing purposes, and that fact alone means anyone who uses it will stand out and get noticed because it’s so different, unexpected and frankly, pretty darn cool. It packs a strong one-two punch of impact and influence, which translates into being remembered by and staying top of mind with customers and prospects. The term “disruptive marketing” is popping up more and more and AR definitely falls into this category.”

Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) Executive Director Tambra Jones states, “Our purpose is always to help our SSA members to shine and stand out in the marketplace, so when we learned about this new AR marketing tool called REVEALiO that makes print materials come alive with video, we knew it was a perfect cutting-edge topic to present to our SSA members as well as the entire bedding industry fraternity.  This tool appears to bring a new innovation into the hands of mattress and bedding marketers in such an affordable and streamlined way.  We are looking forward to this presentation!”


 Carla Green of CLARITY Designworks

Carla Green of CLARITY Designworks

Radium Foam Joins the Specialty Sleep Association

Radium Foam Sales and Marketing Manager Ila Farshad met SSA Executive Directory Tambra Jones at the Furniture Today Bedding Conference earlier this month.  Interested in the added visibility that the SSA could bring to the company, Radium/Vita Talalay has joined the trade association.  Says Jones, "We are thrilled that Ila and Radium/Vita Talalay have joined with us.  We welcome them into our group and look forward to enhancing their visibility in the industry."

vita-talalay--sleep-healthy logo.png

About Radium/Vita Talalay - from Ila Farshad:

Radium Foam is headquartered in Maastricht, The Netherlands, since 1932. In 1961 we bought the so called ‘freeze-foam’ process patent, later named for its inventor Joseph Talalay. Nowadays we still make Talalay just as the inventor intended it. Therefore we are the longest standing, only global Talalay producer of Talalay latex, delivering our comfort material to more than 40 countries worldwide.

Vita Talalay® latex is unrivalled. A luxurious natural bedding material that offers support, comfort and ventilation inside a latex mattress, topper or pillow. Making top quality products without compromise is what we have always done best.

Vita Talalay natural latex mattress.jpg

We wish for everybody to sleep healthy and to be healthy. Healthy living means a more balanced diet, regular exercise and stress avoidance. What we often neglect to remember is that a good night’s sleep is equally - if not more - important. It regenerates your body, but also has an effect on your stress resistance, physical condition and your eating habits. A quality sleep is what's important.

Vita Talalay latex is the best ventilating comfort material in the world, thanks to its unique round, open cell structure. This ensures that moisture and heat are directed away from the body, helping you to sleep healthier and more hygienically. The material is deliciously soft, yet still able to offer optimum support; enhancing comfort. Vita Talalay® provides the most pure, natural and healthy sleep experience as a result.

We look forward to meeting you.


Talalay Global appoints Navarre as CEO

SHELTON, Conn. — Talalay Global has appointed Marc Navarre as CEO.


Navarre is a 30-year veteran of the highly competitive housewares, electronics and consumer products industries. Most recently, he was the CEO of Focus Products Group International.

Navarre replaces Dave Fisher, who will leave the company to pursue other opportunities. Fisher had been CEO since 2010, successfully leading the company through a significant business turn-around.

“Now is the ideal timing for a transition to new leadership," said Lynn Clarke, chairman of the board, Talalay Global, "The business turnaround is completed. … The entire board is confident the new leadership will deliver exceptional customer focus and growth to meet strategic objectives."

Previously, Navarre was president and CEO of Groupe SEB North America.

“I’m pleased to be joining Talalay Global to lead its growth strategy to meet the needs of its customers and partners,” said Navarre.

Currently Navarre is on the board of directors of Canadian-based, Trudeau Corp. He has served on the boards of the James Beard Foundation, Housewares Charity Foundation, International Housewares Assn., Assn. of Home Appliance Manufacturers, Croscill, Glenoit and Focus Products Group. He was also a member of Groupe SEB’s management board.

TALALAY GLOBAL, founded in 1975, is the premier worldwide producer, and the only U.S. producer, of the natural comfort material known by the same name – TALALAY. Pure Talalay Bliss is the company’s direct-to-retail line of luxury mattresses comprised entirely of Talalay material.


By: Dale T. Read, Partner / Owner of The Marketing Arm Group, LLC

So let’s start with the “Good Measure”: in this case a key good rule or standard for your PR and marketing stories. It’s really simple;  but so often we miss the mark.
The Measure: “It’s what is important to your customer, your prospect or your target audience…NOT what’s important to you!”

A Baker’s DozenThirteen Ideas or Suggestions for Your PR  and Marketing Messaging

!-        Think beyond NEW PRODUCT press releases.  While these are the most obvious and most powerful stories for trade shows and exhibits,  there are so many more opportunities to think about if you want to have an on-going story.
2-       A whole new innovation, technology or approach to address the needs of your existing markets…..bringing about a new promise, or a fundamental change in the marketplace

Research and development. New science. New findings. New approaches
3-       Innovations geared to a whole new and different market –addressing new prospective customers and opportunities.
4-       Add-ons, enhancements or supplements that add value and performance to your products for your customers.
5-       New delivery, set-up and recycling policies that enhance the post purchase experience for your customers.
6-       New personnel. Not how it will enhance or help your company, but how this expanded team will better serve your customers.
7-       New programs, events, meetings or policies designed to reach out to your team of strategic partners including suppliers, team members, employees, contractors, financial resources and stockholders, etc.
8-       New, expanded and improved factories, facilities, warehouses….and how these help you better serve your customers’ needs, wants and desires
9-       New logos, marketing themes, signage, exhibits, or retail displays…..Also, new packaging, materials handling and customer interface in stores or direct to consumer..
10-     Trade show or expo themes and special events to reach your target customers
11-     New website (SEO), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google (social media)  E-blasts, direct marketing or target marketing initiatives.
12-     Announcements about charities, community service and giving back.
13      And FINALLY, pricing policy changes.. But this does not mean perpetual low ball sales. Marketing based on ongoing sales is not pricing policy at all. There really should be a strategic season, reason or intended purpose for a pricing policy to have a positive impact.


marketing arm logo.png


April 20, 2018– Suite Sleep is excited to announce we are emerging fully into the hospitality industry! A great night’s sleep is not just something you can attain at home, but all across the globe! We are proud to be working directly with small, boutique hotels both nationally and internationally who want the best sleep experience for their guests. Suite Sleep provides luxury, customizable mattresses to discriminating properties that are made with all-natural latex and organic cotton. We hand select the pieces that go into each mattress to match the uniqueness and character of each hotel and their guests.

We take pride in our core values including service and transparency, which is why we have established a guest purchase program for each hotel. We are transparent about our ingredients and pricing to provide the best customer experience. If you spend time at one of our many hotel partners, you are able to purchase our mattress directly from us at a discounted rate.

“We’ve taken the guess work out of guest purchases.”
-Angela Owen, founder and CEO


Source: https://www.suitesleephospitality.com/

Las Vegas Market -- Company and Product News Coverage Takes Planning and Action!!

Hello SSA Members and Las Vegas Exhibitors!!

 As President of the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) and a public relations professional, two of the most frequent questions I am asked by SSA members and show exhibitors at the Las Vegas show are:
  1.  Why does one company versus another company get so much PR coverage from editors of  Furniture Today, Sleep Retailer, Sleep Savvy Furniture World ,etc.
  2.  What help can I get as an exhibitor in the SSA show space  C-1565?

I had this very discussion at the last market with a leading magazine editor, who said many mattress/ bedding companies expect coverage of their story without making any real effort to write a press release or do the work necessary to inform the magazine editors.
PR does not just happen automatically. 

So What Will Be Your Story at Las Vegas? Each of us has a story to tell our customers, our prospects and our strategic partners. 

It is Due in Early to Mid-June 2018.  And once you have that story developed, it is due to the key editors between June 1st and June 21st.

It’s not too early to plan your marketing message for Las Vegas.  If we at Specialty Sleep Association (SSA)  can help you with that strategic marketing / PR message in our SSA Show Round-up story, on our website, or on the SSA Facebook page, please reach out to Tambra Jones in April or May.

Do the work, keep us informed and we’ll be glad to help you get your story out!

Warmest regards,

Dale T.Read

From the FTC: Selling 'American-Made' Products? What You Need to Know About Making "Made in USA" Claims

With the "trade embargo" pendulum swinging back and forth, we at the SSA think this information might be important to you. 

According to the Federal Trade Commission, "Made in USA" means that "all or virtually all" the product has been made in America. That is, all significant parts, processing and labor that go into the product must be of U.S. origin. Products should not contain any — or only negligible — foreign content. The FTC's Enforcement Policy Statement and its business guide, Complying with the Made in USA Standard, spell out the details of the standard, with examples of situations when domestic origin claims would be accurate and when they would be inappropriate. See ftc.gov/os/statutes/usajump.htm for more information.


Here's how the FTC evaluates "Made in USA" claims in product advertising, labeling and packaging:

For most products: Unless the product is an automobile or a textile or wool product, there's no law that requires manufacturers and marketers to make a "Made in USA" claim. If a business chooses to make the claim, however, the FTC's "Made in USA" "all or virtually all" standard applies.

For textile and wool products: Under the Textile and Wool Acts, these products must be labeled to identify the country where they were processed or manufactured.

  • Imported products must identify the country where they were processed or manufactured.
  • Products made entirely in the U.S. of materials also made in the U.S. must be labeled "Made in USA" or with an equivalent phrase.
  • Products made in the U.S. of imported materials must be labeled to show the processing or manufacturing that takes place in the U.S., as well as the imported component.
  • Products manufactured in part in the U.S. and in part abroad must identify both aspects.

In addition, print and online catalogs must disclose whether a textile was made in USA, imported or both.

For more information about country of origin labeling requirements for textile, wool and fur products, see "Threading Your Way Through the Labeling Requirements Under the Textile and Wool Acts."

Suspect a violation? If you believe that a product promoted as "Made in USA" is not America-made or contains significant foreign parts or processing, file a complaint with the FTC. If you are aware of import or export fraud, call the U.S. Customs Service Commercial Fraud Hotline, 1-800-ITS-FAKE.